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Investment Print
Investment Print

Investment Print

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A watercolour illustration of a junco planting a sunflower seed for the one it loves. This piece is printed on thick, matte poster paper with an offwhite faux watercolour-paper background.

Image caption from the Instagram post:

How do you invest in the people you love?

I find that things that are so painful to do for myself come easily when I do them for someone else.

One of my favourite gifts (and my LEAST favourite chore, I might add) is doing someone's dishes.

It's more than dishes. My friend gets a fresh start. When their kitchen is clean, they can cook for themselves again. They don't have to see it out of the corner of their eye anymore. Such a heavy burden is eased in no time at all.

The only reason I know how special that is is because it's been given to me too. In my downward spirals, I take my home-hygiene down with me. Something as small as cleaning my dishes can be like reaching out to me from a life-raft.

There are so many other things we do every day that support and invest in happiness, like listening to ideas and encouraging dreams, being present in pain, making connections, and solving problems.

It's kind of like we all have a pocket full of seeds, isn't it? Over our lives we patiently sow and tend these loving gardens.

How do you plant seeds?

What do you love when people do for you?