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Jess standing in front of her 2 x 3 foot painting "The Chickens are Out!" in her local art gallery.

Hi! I'm Jess and I make Birdstrips: comics about birds and what it means to be human.

This project started as daily drawings on a trip around the world, and it became a way to connect with myself and others through comics and introspective writing.

The daily drawings for social media stopped at day 1000 (!!!), but juicy illustrated stories continue on Patreon.

I've come to think of myself as an artist and a dabbler, and on any given day you can find me drawing, carving, painting, sewing, or fumbling passionately through something new.

You can hear about these creative pursuits on my (our) silly and serious weekly podcast Art Horse: for people who make stuff, or want to make stuff but can't make themselves, or for whom making stuff is Very Uncomfortable. You'll love it.