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This is the best way I've found for me to continue Birdstrips: for a monthly membership, you get a monthly illustrated story straight to your email inbox.

As usual, I'm write about my life in terms of birds: things that happen to me, chickens and the rise and fall of the rooster, and self discovery. It's been called "the spiritual successor" of Birdstrips and I think that's apt: I've found there's more depth and potential in writing and illustrating in a longer form.

Here are some snapshots from a few of my favourite pieces.

Dreaming of a bird feeder, which turns out to attract a strange visitor.
A three part image: a snow covered tree on the left, Jess wistfully looking at the tree in the middle, and on the right side, a flock of 5 chickadees. She is dreaming of a bird feeder.

Chickens (like unfinished projects) taking everything you have.
Chickens gather around a person who is laying on the ground. All you can see of the person is their legs and feet.

The recent heat wave as a distraction from my usual problems.

Jess laying prone on the couch, melting puddles of sweat

Rooster: fearless and unflinching protector, or Big Idiot? Depends who you ask.

Rooster: "What was that sound?" Most of the chickens are skeptical that he heard anything at all, except for Eggatha. She believes him.


"If I want a bigger, more expansive life, I have to let more of myself in."

Black and white marker illustration of the top view of a bird flying over clouds and a town with houses and roads.

I'm really proud of what I've made so far, and there's a couple years worth of content to catch up on if you've never seen it before.

If this is something you're interested in, you can find it at Thank you for your support!