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Inspired by Birdstrips and the act of making something every day (how?!):

We – Fiona and Jess – are a silly and serious creative duo who make art and a podcast about stepping out of your comfort zone. Since starting Art Horse, we’ve knitted many an ugly hat, built gingerbread houses with our eyes closed, and brewed a terribly unpalatable hooch in the spare room.

Stumbling in the direction of our interests, we challenge our inner critics and inspire listeners to dust off their art supplies and try again, imperfectly.

We believe:

  • Art is for everyone (not just "Artists")
  • Art is for everyday life (not just museums and galleries)
  • Anything you're interested in is worth doing
  • Making mistakes and moving on builds confidence
  • Art (especially "bad art"), laughter, and friendship is profoundly healing

If you're yearning for more art in your life, come along for the ride! You’re in good company.

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